My Curriculum Vitae

Full name: Josep Duato Botam

Passport number: AAD897693

Date and place of birth: 04-10-1988, Valencia (Spain); 24 years old.

Phone number: +32 0476 74 44 29


Academic background

Veterinary Medicine B.Sc. Honors performed in three different spanish universities: UCH-CEU Valencia, FVZ Zaragoza & FVM Murcia.

Degree title obtained in a Spanish Veterinary Medicine School with over a 150 years of tradition: the Veterinary Faculty within the University of Zaragoza, Spain.

Average score: 3’56 (in a scale 0-4)

9’31 (in a scale 0-10)

Captura expediente

IELTS: 7 Overall Score (out of 9). 7’5 Reading & Listening, 6’5 Speaking, 6 Writting.

Academic and professional honors (Cambridge x2, Cornell)

Laboratory experience

5th laboratory experience

Position: Erasmus Work Placement, Nick Brown’s Laboratory.

Location: The Welcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge.

Advisor: Dr. Aidan Maartens

Duration: 3 months (01-07-2013 –> 30-09-2013).

Topic: Focal Adhesion proteins characterization in D. melanogaster embryo haemocyte’s phagosomes and cell membrane, in vivo.

4th laboratory experience

Position: Summer student in the Cornell Leadership Program for Veterinary Students 2012.

Location: Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA.

Advisor: Dr. Matthew DeLisa.

Duration: 2 months (04-06-2012 until 10-08-2012).

Topic: Characterization of Outer Membrane Vesicle production in different bacteria strains and gene knock-outs.

* In the following link you will see a small presentation resume (of my CV and interests) I did for the rest of the participants before commencing the 2012 CORNELL LEADERSHIP Pogram for Veterinary Students –>

3rd laboratory experience

Position: Summer student in the Fundamentals of Veterinary Science Summer School 2011.

Location: Department of Biochemistry, Sanger Building, University of Cambridge, UK.

Advisor: Dr. Tom Monie and Dr. Chris Howard

Duration: 2 months (June 19th untill august 20th, 2011)

Topic: NLRP10 Pyrin domain: purification and biophysical assays.

*** Awarded in the Fundamentals of Veterinary Science Summer School 2011 with the Best Research Project of the Summer School. We will likely to submit a publication this year based on that project.

2nd laboratory experience

Position: Collaboration grant provided by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Location: Department of Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Zaragoza.

Advisor: Dr. Jesús de la Osada García

Duration: 2010-2011 academic year.

Topic: Cloning and expression of hepatic FSP27

1st laboratory experience

Position: Summer internship within the National Research Council of Spain (CSIC).

Location: Valencia Biomedicine Institute (IBV; CSIC).

Advisor: Professor Vicente Rubio Zamora. IBV’s director at this time.

Duration: 2 months (July – August 2010).

Topic: Production of recombinant proteins of biomedical interest. Protein structure and function studies.

Veterinary Medicine practical experience

- Erasmus externship within the University of Gent Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Hospital, Belgium. From mid-September ’12 until mid-May ’13.

Private Veterinary Clinical Practice

- One month visiting my home town Veterinary Clinic. July 01-31, 2009. Luvivet S.L. La Eliana (Valencia), Spain.


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