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Oxford College Virtual Tour


When somebody is hired as a PhD student or as a PostDoc in Oxford, a place in a College is offered for him or her. This is the Oxford and Cambridge concept of studying: living in an intellectual, multicultural and pluridisciplinar environment all the day long, in the University & in the College. As an example of how much nice can be life in an Oxford College, here you’ve a link to see  photos of Lincoln College, allocated in the heart of Oxford.

After clicking in each part represented by the different names of the different parts of the virtual representation of the builging, the images will show up in the webpage; is quite cool, because you finish with a really good 3D picture of the College in your mind.

Enjoy it :)

’12 CORNELL LEADERSHIP PROGRAM for Veterinary Students CV resume


In the following link you will see a small presentation-resume (of my CV and interests) I did for the rest of the participants before commencing the 2012 CORNELL LEADERSHIP Pogram for Veterinary Students –>

THERE ARE SOME NICE PHOTOS OF MY ANIMALS contaned in the previous link :)

Official Cornell Leadership Program web-page.


For those who don’t have the pleasure to know it, Cornell University has the best USA School of Veterinary Medicine since more than 10 years ago…LINKs:

Fundamentals of Veterinary Science Summer School

cambridge“The Fundamentals of Veterinary Science Summer School is an annual programme held at the University of Cambridge, UK.

The objective of the Summer School is to offer veterinary undergraduates the opportunity to consider research-based careers, following the successful completion of their clinical training.

The Summer School is a nine-week residential course, with a combined academic and science career orientation programme. Participants form a highly motivated, interactive, student cohort and have an ambition to contribute to the advancement of veterinary science.”

A photo containing myself in the picture :)  Wellcome Trust Summer School ’11student group photo.