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15 years old boy develops a new, rapid, and inexpensive method to detect an increase of a protein for pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer early diagnosis.

Jack Thomas Andraka (born in 1997) is an inventorscientist and cancer researcher. He is the 2012 Intel Science Fair grand prize winner. Andraka was awarded the Gordon E. Moore Award for his work in developing a new, rapid, and inexpensive method to detect an increase of a protein that indicates the presence of pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer during early stages when there is a higher likelihood of a cure. [1] The Gordon E. Moore Award, named in honor of the co-founder of Intel, is for $75,000. He also won other prizes in smaller individual categories for a total award of $100,500.[2]


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Molecular neurobiology research ERA has finally come.


This discovery is to molecular neurobiology what PCR and sequencing was for molecular biology, a simple, but smart and huge step that brings the opportunity to the research community to finally undergo real good quality research on brain’s function on animal models.

In vivo functional imaging is still needed, as this images are on postmortem brains, but anyway, this technique is going to lead to a huge amount of knowledge discovery and thousands of publications in the following years.

Moreover, potentially, this technique can be applied to any kind of tissue, thus, allowing the allocation of different receptors or molecules not in single cell or in tissue slide, but in a full interconnected an complex organ.


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