Evacuate will tell you shortly after successfully defending

and Managing Survivors

canada goose coats on sale Following these, I will include with a short FAQ covering survivors and weapons along w/ other info and some additional tips then close with canada goose outlet trillium parka black a link to my other works and of course, the closing. Before we begin, I open with a question so you know what to expect to get from this: canada goose coats on sale

What exactly can I expect to find in this post? Is it just explaining what you can do at each tab?

Canada Goose online Yes, but in addition to that I will canada goose outlet parka include other info which I think are valuable relevant to the tabs/section I covering. For example, the squads tab will have a semi indepth guide to managing your survivors. The map tab will give some tips on missions, etc. Canada Goose online

Note that this is mostly oriented for people brand new to the canada goose outlet toronto address game so if you been playing for a while some (well, probably most) canada goose discount uk may be common knowledge to you, but depending on how long you been playing there might be some info that you might find useful in which case I suggest skipping over to the Map section and Squads section (some tips on missions and managing survivors pretty much) and the FAQ/Additional tips.

Canada Goose Parka Homebase Power is an attempt to canada goose parka uk represent the sum of all your stats in one number. I would ignore this for the most part. If you want to get an accurate depiction of someone actual power, you can ask them for their actual mainstat or look at how much party mainstat they are giving. I dive into the stats next. Homebase Power does not decide whether a mission will be canada goose outlet in toronto colored grey, green, yellow, orange, canada goose outlet black friday sale or red. Lowering it to match the zone does not reward you with xp if that zone is already grey. This is determined by your hidden commander level which we will touch on later. Fortitude increases your health and health regen by 1% for each point in it. Offense increases weapon damage by 1% per point, resistance increases shield and shield regen by 1% per point, and tech increases your trap damage, ability,gadget damage, and healing multiplier by 1% per point. If you are just starting out, I try to just ignore this and just know what they do. I go more in depth into them once we reach survivor squads. Canada Goose Parka

In this section, your bonuses, xp bar, and available stat points will be shown. Available bonuses are: your daily xp boost, your canada goose outlet in montreal active xp boost, and your founder party xp buff. The orange hexagon represents the number of skill points you have available canada goose jacket outlet uk to spend towards you skill tree. You can gain more by leveling up you commander level (everytime your xp bar fills up you level up and gain x amount of skill points depending how far you are into the game (you will start out with only getting 1). There is a cap to commander level. You will not gain enough SP to max out all trees through leveling up. However, you can gain more SP from doing SSDs and leveling up your collection book.

Missions that require blu glo to activate will prompt an alert (if there is one) after depositing the blu glo. Alerts will tell you what element the enemies will be (if they have an element) and if the storm changes directions. Missions that don require blu glo have other triggers for this. Retrieve the data is triggered upon finding the landing site. Repair the shelter is triggered upon running diagnostics. The 2nd stage of Deliver the Bomb is triggered when the bomb reaches B (the escort and the defense can have different elements so pay attention). Evacuate will tell you shortly after successfully defending.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Placing heroes here will give you 20% of their health and shields (along with respective regen and healing modifier) and also their hero ability damage modifier. In addition slotting heroes with a support bonus in the canada goose kensington parka uk left slot will give you said support bonus and slotting heroes with a tactical bonus on the right slot will give you canada goose outlet montreal said tactical bonus. Most (if not all heroes) will need to be star 2 to have their tactical active, the tactical bonus will not increase with further evolutions, whereas the support bonus may increase up to star 3. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canadian goose jacket Your survivor squads. In this menu you will be able to slot your survivors into specific squads. Slotting a survivor in a squad will result in the survivor contributing points towards whatever stat is listed for that squad. For example, if I were to (well first unlock the slot) slot a survivor in the last gadgeteer slot, my resistance would be increased. If you are starting out, most of the slots will be canada goose outlet in uk locked. You can unlock slots by purchasing nodes in the skill/research tree. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet A Note on Organizing Your Squads Canada Goose Outlet

This section is an attempt to explain everything you need to know about your survivor squads.

Rarity beats everything. If all you want is offense slot all your legendaries in offense. You start hearing things like, canada goose outlet woodbury “oh if you have a mythic lead (the rarity over legendary, only applicable to survivor leads. There are also mythic heroes, but those are pretty much just legendary heroes that do not have any lower rarity versions of them) you get a penalty for not matching the personality.” Guess what, doesn matter because rarity wins out in the end. Higher rarities gain more points per level/evolution than lower rarities so while you may see an epic survivor beating a legendary in the beginning, once you start evolving the legendary will win. (and in that case epic beats legendary star 1 and star 2 but star 3 the legendary wins).

Alright so now you get that rarity>everything, let talk about everything else. The next thing you will look for is personality. Leads have an icon beside their job which indicates their personality, survivors themselves have a personality and if the the lead and subordinate match you will get a bonus. The last thing is set bonuses. Instead of having a job icon as leads do subordinates have a bonus icon. Matching enough of these in the same squad will give you that said bonus. Do not go out of your way for this canada goose outlet store calgary as these stats are additive. So if you see +5% ability damage, its actually just +5 tech.

Canada Goose Jackets Depending on who you ask you get differing answers. I for one am a firm believer in stat weights/mainstats. What I mean by this is not keeping an even stat spead (which means you level everything equally). While this is okay for your first 10 levels of each survivors, I highly suggest that where you stop at even stat spread. It ok there because you will pretty much one shot anything in stonewood and plank so leveling all your survivors to 10 will put you in a position to give you the option of whether you want to main tech or offense while also leveling your fort and res high enough where you be tanky enough to not get one shot when you reach Canny. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose black friday sale Once you reach Canny/leveled all your survivors to 10 you will want to start deciding on a mainstat. If you enjoy playing canada goose outlet ottawa soldiers or doing damage with your weapons then go ahead and focus on offense. If you enjoy playing or canada goose outlet ontario having abilities as your main source of damage then focus on tech. At this point fort and res is only leveled so that trash mobs don one shot your shield (resistance) and you don get 1 shot by mist monsters (fortitude). I realize that leveling fortitude will give canada goose outlet houston you more health than res will give you shields, canada goose outlet 80 off but if you don have your res leveled so that you can tank trash hits with them, a simple husk hit will one shot your shield and start chipping at your health. If you are still not quite sure what you want to main or want to be open to all playstyles then just keep offense and tech evenly leveled. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance If I know what my mainstat is do I ignore all the other stats? You can, some people do, but as I suggested level fort and res up to those points mentioned. In addition, I suggest http://www.canadagoosesalesus.com keeping your secondary stat 1 star below your mainstat. canada goose outlet online reviews This is because most people main offense and I main tech so I want to get party tech from you. In all seriousness you can flat out ignore tech if offense is your mainstat, but if tech is your mainstat you have to level offense a bit since your abilities do have fairly long cooldowns (unless your a shuriken master hehe, but I still suggest leveling offense if you play her). canada goose clearance

canada goose coats Why Do I Suggest Prioritizing Stats? I answer this in the FAQ near the end :) Clicking on any of these will bring up all your schematics, heroes, defenders, survivors (whichever one you clicked). Where you can inspect/level/evolve/retire/recycle them. Note that retiring or recycling will delete that card in return for XP/maybe manuals. With that said, if you have something you really like and don want to accidentally delete it you can inspect canada goose outlet online it and favorite it. canada goose coats

canada goose I cover some basics on how to decide whether a weapon is good in the FAQ canada goose

buy canada goose jacket In this screen you will be able canada goose outlet usa to combine cards together if you have transforms available. Just because a transform says a certain rarity does not mean it will go that. If you have a legendary hero transform but do not invest the required amount of points you will end up with a lower rarity. Do not make the mistake of getting an epic canada goose outlet phone number hero from your legendary hero transform as I seen others post here about. Note that on the right there is a bar, 16 points is not what is required for getting a legendary lead, that is what required for an uncommon lead. You will have to fill multiple bars. Like recycling and retiring, you will lose that card, so if you want to keep it, don put it in here. With that being said, I would suggest staying away from this earlier on as it can screw your progression canada goose outlet official if you put everything in the book because you get less xp than you would recycling/retiring (I think) and, more importantly, do not get manuals/designs which are used for canada goose outlet florida evolutions (and if you free to play this is going to be one of your limiting factors). You can get some sweet rewards, but most advise not to go deep (don see many f2p going past 50) unless you know you spend money. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose store Skill tree is where you purchase nodes with your skill points. I would suggest rushing canada goose outlet boston for research speed and survivor slots on these. If you play an ability based hero, then I would suggest rushing the evolution node for that class as well (which will 99.999999% be ninja, I would say 100% but someone will a write a very long argument on why they believe Grenadier is an ability based hero). As for other nodes, get the ones you want. I would suggest skipping on not required defender nodes. As of the moment of canada goose outlet sale canada goose outlet writing this guide, you currently do not get enough SP to unlock all the nodes in the skill tree. Even if you do all the SSDs and go deep in the collection book. canada goose store

cheap Canada Goose Regular llama. 5% chance to go gold. 20% chance to go silver. 2% chance for it to canada goose jacket outlet not upgrade but still give you a legendary. From personal experience silvers can give legendaries. cheap Canada Goose

All stats canada goose outlet locations in toronto are from my own data collection of post STS patch (aka the shuriken master nerf patch) in which the introduction of legendaries in non upgraded llamas was added. This data is accurate to the current patch 1.7.1. with a sample size of $400 worth of llamas specifically after 1.7.1 release and an amount I will not disclose before that.

canada goose deals Why Do I Suggest Prioritizing Stats? canada goose deals

canada goose clearance sale I suggest prioritizing stats because maintaining an even stat spread will put a strain on your manuals as well as making your power/hour of farm stat lower. Increasing canada goose outlet germany your fort and res does not increase your power, it will increase your homebase power, but it doesn actually make you anymore powerful. As long as you can withstand multiple hits you will canada goose outlet winnipeg be fine. Prioritizing stats will let you better allocate your resources into things that will give you the most gain. However, this is just a suggestion, if you set on increasing your homebase power as fast as possible or just want uniformity in your stats, then go ahead canada goose clearance sale.

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